About Us


Chevrette Computer Repair (Pronounced Chev-Ret) was founded in 2005 by Joseph Chevrette II in Utica, NY. CCR started as a small computer service dealing only with hardware installs on tower-style PCs on local resident's devices. After having significant success, CCR started preforming virus removal, data recovery and operating system re-imaging. In 2007, CCR recieved their first commercial contract with a national service company and since then has grown into a state-wide service provider. By 2011 CCR was working with 25 different national companies, 15 local companies and countless individual customers. Currently, Chevrette Computer Repair is responsible for servicing hundreds of different retail locations, government offices, service locations and individual customers.

In 2019, CCR joined the Inizio Consulting Group.



Chevrette Computer Repair is dedicated to customer service above all else. Every customer, whether they be a large commerical client or an individual user, is treated with warmth, friendliness and professionalism.